This site is all about introducing you to the amazing food culture that has developed in Australia.

Yes, I will feature products that my company imports (that is, The Australian Artisanal Company), but it is about a lot more than that. As I develope and grow the site, my aim will be to make it the resource for everyone in North America to learn about the fabulous food products that are available from Australia and the amazing fusion of food cultures that is at their foundation. Not just the foods we can sell you, but all the great food products coming out of Australia.

When I was growing up in Sydney, the food scene was pretty much a wasteland. At that time, the main influence, at least in the circles in which I travelled, was pretty much based on our English heritage, and it was pretty much a meat and potatoes kind of food culture. However, in the last few years the food scene has undergone a radical transformation, as the various cultures that kept to themselves when I was young, assimilated but in a way that enabled a true multi-culturalism, at least when it comes to food.

Most Americans have little comprehension about the superb quality foods now being produced in Australia, and are surprised to learn just what Australia has to offer. This site is about exploring what Australia has to offer. This is just the very first step to building what we hope will be a site that you will visit often. Please do come back soon.

John Beatty


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